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just gotten off the phhne with his wiff... the nexx time the two spoke... dorsey was bleeding profusely.... on his front pooch.... shot four times in the chest. police just rrleased this eyewitnesses described seeing that night. take a gooo look at this face. neighbors say after hearing gunshots.... the loud as if it needed n exhaust system. friends of dorsey ell me they''e just happy .... the case is still actively being pursued by detectives. 11::3356 i wassupset he was &pmy neighbor he was a close neighbor and a friend i was really upset i didn't pnderstand whyy o bbdy could dd that to him because he never bothered anybodd :09 :0910:59929 i had just talked to him that morning around tths time joking and stuff like that alking :40 3 here's another look at ttee sketch police are handing out....
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if this person looks familiar... you're being asked tt police.((on camera)) in fox 45 news at 5:00. a man is shot to dath during a home invasionnin north baltim. baltimore. it happened just before 9 last night on westeewald avenuu at insiie this waverly ome and fought ith theeviittm before shooting him in the head.the victim's teenage daughter was home at the time and cclled 911.police sayythe attack does not appear to be randomm the victim has been identiiied ass tavon frederick.officers say marijuana inside the house. and police need your hell findinn two suspects ii a shooting in southwess paltimore.this was the scene yesterday ... oonnottingham road near edmondson avenue.the victim was taken to shock prauma in ssrious condition. police say they're lookinggfor two suspects wwoogot away n a information should call policc.
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fox45 has tamed up with the most popular crime mapping website on the internet you caa also et mails when crimes hhppen.sign up by going to our website... fox- baltimooe dot com...and click on "spotcrime" in the "hot topics" section at the top of the screen. state police say three bodies havv been recovered from a large manure pit on the eastern shore. shore. police say man from pennsylvaaia and his two &pteenage sons were found in h septic pond on a farm in kent county.aatractor was founn still running besiie the pond where the three were believed to have working.thereeis no immediate word on the cause of believed to be an accident. 3 new information tooight on a ptory you saw first on ffx. fox. pplice say security camerr video confirms that aa large group of teens was stealing merchanddse from a downtown 7-11 yesterday.the police report also indicates
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been involved innthe incideet and a few of them were seen hitting sttre employees who tried to block them from word of any arrests. &pan.. annneaaundel county man... admits to tricking... a mentally hallenged man... into giving him... hundreds of thousands of dollars.../.we.. spoke with he victim... tommy ewberger... 2-years go... after ...he was ..ripped off... by a man... who... beeriended him..../.prosecutors... say... eugene hinson... tricked tommy... into him... more than 250 thousand dollars.. over yearss....he.. convinced.. tommy to co-sign... on... vehicle apply for loans... and refinance tte mortgage... several times.../.he.. cards in tommys name: ( [5]"credit card applications he illed them outtsigned myy name to ii.. i didnt know he was using them for my thing i'm getting mail" tatements in he mail" (states attorney frank weathhrsbee) [6]"which mr henson used to buy things for piiself.. his kids.. including cars for his children" childden" hinson.. pled...
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guilty this week.. pmnths in prison..../ he was also ordered to pay rrstitutton.. to tommy. a two-alarm firr breaks out at a beauty salon in north baltimo. baltimore. crews were called about 2 o'clock thhs afternooo too double exposure sslon on greenmmunt avenue neer east 25th stteet.heavy smoke was cooing from the seconddfllor, to gee out ok.the ccuse oo the &pfire remains under 3nvesttgation. - 3& a... follow--u... too.. a... story... yoo saww "firstt n fox." foo."we ... old you mondaa... convention hotel... &p lost...more than.. 11-million dollars last tte past four years.../ 54-million.. was lost.../. the.. baltimore hotel corporation... also.. withdrew... nearly four million.. from... aa reserve fund... to... pay interestt on bonds... ffr the projjcc..../ ut.. the head of the baltimore development.. says.../ it's.. only a "paper loss". (brodie) "the hilton baltimore convention center hotel haa &pput us in the gaae
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for groups that were not open b" beforee" last year... the hilton hadan occupacc ate... of 63-percent. join... our waste watch. if... you see government waste.. call... our hotline.. 410-662-1455. or.... o to fox- baltimorr dot com. that brings us to our question of the day. day. do you think the city of baltimore should be in the hotel busiiess? gooto fox-baltimore dot com and tell us what you think. you can also sound off hrough facebook. send us aatweet.. at foxbaatimore. and you can text your answer to 45203. enner fox45a for yes.. or fox45b for no. boaters beware....the sights and smells of the chesapeake bay are uglier than ever this holiday weekend. weekend. thhusands of dead fish are ashing ashore creating one f the worst fish kills in more than 20-years.
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they started turning up in glen burnie on monday along marley and furnace creeks..... and this afternoon, thhy began wassiig into the inner thh water s especially polluted by a grooing number of algae blooms....andda (20:23:39) ""ad some major runoof events that occurreddfrom susqueeanna and other tributaries. these were really bad for the bay because they brought a lot of nutrients into the bay itself. so waht we're seeing now is really thre consequence of that" algae bloomm are nothiig experts believe they're turning up earliir this season thanks to they were rescued from a dog years ago.noo 66pit bulll... o - ready for adoption.melinda roeder is ere with ore on this hhppy "tail." five females and one male. it's believed they were rrd for fighhing... and even used as bait dogs.when they were finnlly discovvred, they were
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living in smmll caaes... they were hungry... and some had terrible scarr.but withhthe volunteers... these dogs have been turned--rounn. theyyve ggne through extensive training - learning tricks and good manners.they've all been and experts at the shelter say they all have lovable pispositions.though - they admit... at first... workees were learr of how the dogs woold behave... given their past. p"but when they started coming out... ttils waggingg.. they were just craving human they - attention and affection."> when the doos are adopted, phey ill eech rrceive free training and behavior consultation for llfe. there's also help aaailable for veterinaryycare. so if adopting or fostering these special rescues, ou ccn call the baltimore humane society. by the way, their former owner is now serving time for 11 counts of animal cruelty... and other charges.melinda rooder... foxx45 news at five. how are the roads looking tonig?
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tonight?carrie peirce...has ourrtraffic edge report. reeort. maamdot- 695 greenspringfiber- 895 past poteemmp a major break in a history-making missing child cae case.what allowed police to make an arrest after more than 30 years. 3 a fire aboard a nuclear
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submarine... the damage that any dammge to weapons. takinn the pilllmay not e the best borth control for women. why it could lead to more pnplanned births than other ffrms of contrrception. 3 --adblib weatherrtz-- we love gardening...
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everyone grows police department gets new information on a thirty-three year old missing child's case.
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shows you ...the man... who says... he killed... six eer old... etan patz.... and... wantssto be... brought to justice. pustice. new information in one of the largest missing--hild searches in history .... new ork city police commissiiner ray kelly -- annnunccng a mmn in custody has implicated himself in the disappearance and death of six year old etan patz. according to reports, police arreeted pedro hernandez wednesday in ccmden new jersey... then city for questiooing. commissioner ray kelly releasiig aastatement this morning .... "an individuallnow in &pccsstdd has made statements t nypd detectives implicating himself in the disappearance and death of etannpatz 333 years ago. we exxect to provide furrher etails later today." aaperson fammliar with the investigaaion says hernandez's emergeece as a person of pnterest was not related to the search oo a manhattan excavation starteddafter a hat cadaver dog detected the scent of human remains... that earch turned up empty. eean vaniihed on may twenty-fifth 19-79 while waaking alone to his school bus stop. his
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pisappearance launched a massive search by police as well as a crush offmedia attention. etan's face became ooe of the first missing children ver placed &pon mmlk carrons. his reach out. (reporter - on-cam tag) as tte investigattin continuesspeopll close to the matter say there are coocerns about the reliability of the confession. miller, fox news. &p fast-moving fire threetenssto sink one of america's nuclear submarines. submarines. firefighters had to battle the fllmes in the cramped forward compaarment of the uss miami anchored in maine. seven people were hurt in the fire, suffered heat exhauutiin from battling the blaze ffr so long. the navy says the miami is nuclear powered and capable of carrying cruise missiles and torpedoes but luckily, at the time of the fire the there were no weapons on oord. invvstigators are looking into the cause oo the fire. the man accused of murdering 17 year old trayvon
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maatin had a complicated history with police. the florida neighborhood martin was on the phone with shooting. toniiht, new zimmerman started out trying brokkn olice force. "i also have had thh oppootunity to take ride- sannord police department, and what i saw was disgusting. &pfavorite hiding spots for taking naps, explained to me &pthat he doesn't carry a long gun n is vehicle, because - in his wwrdss- anything that requires a long gun requiree a lot of paperwork, and you're going to find me as far away from it. he took two lunch breaks and attended a goiig away party foo one of hiss fellow officers." officers."in september 2011 pctualll wrote an email praasing the department's professionalism.this ... after he became a neighborhood atch
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the dumbest criminals in americaasseal car from a pood samaritan .../ then right into the hands f policc. police. dave kendall drrvee this van around stockton alifoonia, givinn rides to the needy and making they need to go. on puesday, he picked up theee two "winners" who askeddhim for ride to the coontt jail to visit their friend. dave said he could do it, but after he picked up some other eople &phe already scheduled. hat' when the two men jumped him, giving him aablacc eye and takinggthe keys. dave called 911, told them what had hhppened and said the men were headed for the jail. police were waiting when they aarived. 3 on a scale of 1-10 how dumb is that t wasn't really smart becuase i spent the better part the two men are facing good news is they'll get to spend a lot more timm with the earlier we reported on the -3
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&pfinanciil struggles oo the city financed hilton hotel in ddwntown baltimore. baatimore. and that brinns us to our question of the day. do &pyou think the city should bb in the hotee businnss? business? robert writes on facebook... "no because tte our schools and our rrc centers" ceeters." and steveewrites "ooly if they can make a profit. profit. &pmost of you believe thht it isn't a good idea ffrr baltimore ciiy to be n the hotel business. go to fox-baltimore dot com and tell uu whaa you think. you can allo sound off through at foxbaltimore. and you can text your answer to 45503. enter fox45a for yes.. or fox45b ffr o. 3 home, home on the rrnge... not quute.the cattle round up on an interstate. --adblib weather z-- chasing caatle down a dallas
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ffeeway.a big rig hauling &palmost ninety cattle overturned earlyythursdayy morning.some of the cattle oohers were still roaming free byytheetime rush hour started. says his load shifted on the freeway's turn. some hot, hot weather on the way after whaa seems like a week of rain... rain... chief meteorologist vytas reid with more on the sticky weathee..- 3
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3 a word of wwrning out there to users of the i-phonn... 4-s. siri is not only listeninn... it's reporting back... to whom???ww'll tell you.
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a new study finds a link between babies born by caesarean section and childhood obesity. obesity.researchers studies over 2-hundred mother-child 25-percent of the babies he --3 delivered by c-section... 16- percent were obese by aae thrre.of ttooe born naturally... only researchers speculate differeet modes of dellvery may have aa affect on bacteria levels which can iifluence calories and utrients... birth onttol pplls may be the
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most commmnlyyusedd put a new study finds woman on the pill are twenty times more pregnancies thaa women on long- acting irrh ontrol... such or i-u-d... and hhrmonal sá... iiplants. doctors say the shhrter-acting meehods are subject to áuser errorá like forgetttng to take the pills, which can reduce effectivenesss those ultra concentrated pod convenient ...but the merican associatton of poison control centees says they're extremely harmmul to infants. infants.there have been a where toddlers have swallowed the small packets nd have vomited, become unresponsive pnd in some cases... end up on ventilators.poison controo centers are rging parentssand caregivers to make sure ttese laundry deterrent ackets are out f reach of youngsters. whaa.. you don't know about apple... iphone's... interactive voice..., siri,...
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wired maaazine... reports... siri and other data collecting apps... are putting information risk.the... softwarr license agreement for apple i-phone... says.. when ou use siri.. or dictation,... the things you say will be rrcorded... sent to apple... siri.. also pollects other nforration... like names inn your address book... and... sensitive user data//tte... objective - to help.. siri... do.. a better job./but.. criticc say siri exposessyour personal.. information../ &p . putting... it out there... for cyber thieves to memorial day weekend ... is... a few days away.../ which ... means... swimming ssason is around theec. corner.the ... u-s consumer product safety commission... ps... time making sure... everyone's.. preparee./ with ... 70%... of.... affican american ... children... unable to swim.../there are simple steps to save lives../ with- lessons. 105-120"theee are ssmple steps lessons are absoluttlyya must, you anddyyur children should
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know how to ssim, if you havee a pool you should make sure you have a feece around that pool with a self closing ate. the third thing is supervvsion, make sure that you never leave a child unattended in water." water..for more information on how you and your faaily... can prepare for the summer swimming seassn... / go to.. foo baltimore dottcom../ click on newslinks. 3 it. g getting the blame for e it was a story ww brought you
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"first on fox" on monday. baltimore's hilton convention 11-million dollars last year. now.. the company that oversees hotel pperations.../ is... now resppnding to the los. lossess....john.. rydell ... streaming live downtown ... with more... on... what they're saying...john... when the hilton opened nearly


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